Findlay Blasting's specialty is fine blasting for rock removal. Cost-effective, safe and quick, blasting is often the way to go. Compare costs with hammering, cutting and trenching. We will review your plan and provide you with a timely, detailed estimate.

Utility Trenches

Holes are drilled and spaced such that with the proper explosives, timing and expertise, a trench for utilities is quickly ready for excavation.

Area Rock Removal

We have blasted rock for the excavation of machinery pits, lift stations, ponds and harbor channels.


Test Drilling

Why base an estimate on speculation? Let Findlay Blasting drill test holes so that you can more accurately know the geology at your site and estimate your costs accordingly.

Rock Removal

When blasting is not feasible, Findlay Blasting may still be able to help. Drilling is an effective form of rock removal and facilitates pre-excavation hammering.

Boat Dock Construction

Laser precision and tight tolerances are part of Findlay Blasting's expertise during construction of boat docks.